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F5032 (AN/PVS-31D) Lightweight Night Vision Binocular

  • $12,650.00
  • $11,799.00

These units are available to order as a pre order.

L4 G24 Mount Included

The Elbit Systems of America F5032 features industry-leading close-focus range for near-eye clarity to read detailed intelligence, aid in medical support and operate radios even in low or no-light scenarios. Manufactured according to the USMC SBNVG performance specification.

The F5032 utilizes the highest grade tubes Elbit Systems of America has to offer (YH.)

  • Accommodates unique optical requirements and reduces eye strain with fixed or adjustable diopter lens configurations
  • Controllable, integrated Infrared (IR) illuminator provides immediate lighting in zero-light scenarios
  • Vertical viewing feature prevents inadvertent shut-off at inopportune times
  • Single AA operation (30hrs) or battery pack for needs that exceed the on-board AA 30hr operational time
  • Individual pod shut-off when articulated out of viewing

Offered with Top Tier White Phosphor high performance Mil-Spec image intensifier tubes.

Battery Pack for this goggle can be found here. Click this text.



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