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Ready to ship L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A) 2376+ FOM

  • $12,699.00
  • $14,900.00
- $2,201.00

These units are in stock and ready to ship with no lead time. Please note: any differences in color shown in the photos are a result of the camera auto-balance. Tubes are matching color.


FOM: 2484/2520

SNR: 34.5/35.0

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.72/0.75

EBI: 1.3/1.0



FOM: 2592/2599

SNR: 36.0/36.1

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.80/0.75

EBI: 1.0/0.8



FOM: 2556/2520

SNR: 35.5/35.0

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.76/0.76

EBI: 0.5/0.8



FOM: 2506/2542

SNR: 34.8/35.3

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.76/0.74

EBI: 0.5/1.0



FOM: 2498/2470

SNR: 34.7/34.3

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.73/0.82

EBI: 0.3/0.7




FOM: 2642/2635

SNR: 36.7/36.6

RES: 72/72

HALO: 0.73/0.76

EBI: 0.5/1.0


***Hand Selected Unit (Sealed In Bag Customer Selected By Sheets)

These are also new complete systems, the same as above, but still sealed in the factory plastic. These units are for those who prefer a factory sealed device to open themselves. However, as they are still sealed in the factory plastic wrapping peppering or other cosmetic differences not marked on the data sheets will be unknown. Customer hand select is welcome and will be selected by L3Harris data sheets, no photos will be possible as the bag will remain sealed. To hand select, simply respond to your order confirmation email requesting hand selection.***


The L3Harris Binocular Night Vision Device, also known by the military nomenclature AN/PVS-31A, is a compact, lightweight, Generation III high-performance white phosphor dual-tube goggle. The PVS-31 is capable of utilizing an on-board AA or remote cold weather battery pack. Being that the system is so lightweight, the battery pack is sufficient counterweight for long term use comfort. Device weight comes in at just under 1 pound ; one of the lightest units on the market. The PVS-31A features manual gain control, individually articulating optical pods, inter-pupillary distance stops, and 2376 minimum FOM Unfilmed White Phosphor intensifiers. Within the spec parameters of the intensifier tubes used in the PVS-31A, the signal to noise ratio must be a minimum of 33 and resolution 72lp/mm. Furthermore, the halo value must not exceed .85. Together all of this means a truly exceptional image quality and absolute top tier performance.

These devices come as a full kit. 2376 min FOM device (White Phosphor), data sheets, 4x AA cold weather battery pack, 90° power cable connector, and soft case. Does not include diopter inserts.

1 year factory warranty. Serviceable by L3Harris even after warranty term.


MANUFACTURER L3Harris Technologies
DIMENSIONS 4.2″(L) x 4.2″(W) x 3.4″(H)
WEIGHT 0.99 lbs (w/ Battery)
FINISH Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant
POWER One (1) AA Battery (On-Board), or Four (4) AA Batteries (Remote)
BATTERY LIFE >15 Hours (Single Battery), or >50 Hours (Four Batteries)
WATERPROOF 66′ for 2 Hours
WARRANTY 1 Year Warranty
OPTICAL ------------------------------------------------------------
TUBE 18mm MX-11769 Variable Gain
FILM Unfilmed
GAIN Adjustable/ Variable
FOV 40º
OBJECTIVE FOCUS 18in to Infinity
DIOPTER -0.5 Standard
INCLUDES AN/PVS-31A BNVD Goggle, Padded MOLLE Carry Pouch, Rubber Eye Cups, Sacrificial Windows, Wilcox Amber Filters, Remote Battery Pack, Remote Power Cable, Anti Fog Wipes, Lens Covers, Operator's Manual