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Ready to ship Photonis Vyper 4G MIL-SPEC Green Phosphor

  • $6,299.00
  • $7,999.00
- $1,700.00


FOM: 2123/2122

SNR: 32.66/31.20

RES: 65/68

EBI: 0.10/0.16

GAIN: 18160/17947 (57051/56382 Converted)


The Vyper Binocular is a factory built Photonis Defense device equipped with 30+ SNR minimum 2000+ FOM minimum green phosphor 4G MIL-SPEC intensifiers and includes: Multicam Padded Molle Case, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Lenses, Eyecups, Reference Guide, Data Sheets. These units feature higher gain matching that of Elbit and L3Harris.

From the global leader in night vision, the Photonis Defense Vyper night vision binocular unit is a light weight & rugged device. Weight is saved using our ultralight diopter assembly and precise geometry in housing design. It is built from a proprietary nylon polymer housing and exceeds MIL-STD-810G. Featuring an aluminum dovetail and integrated adjustable inter-pupillary distance stops for reliable lockup and consistent inter-pupillary positioning. The Photonis Vyper Binocular has been drop tested beyond the NATO and TOP drop test standard from 6 feet to concrete in 6 major orientations on a single device. The Vyper is assembled by Photonis Defense in their ISO 9001 certified facility. 

 Additional features & specifications

• Weight w/ Mil-Spec Optics: 502G w/out battery
• Weight w/ LW Optics: 425G w/out battery
• Waterproof: IP 68 (20m for 2 hrs)
• Power: CR123 w/ 24 run time @ 68F
• Gain Control: Automatic
• Field of View: 41 Deg
• Range of Focus: 9.8" to infinity
• Diopter Adjustment: 2 to -6
• Finish: Matte Black
• Mounting: Standard Dovetail, Aluminum
• Additional: Friction Lock inter-pupillary adjustment (IPD) independent channel articulation / operation