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The PVS-14 is one of the most prolific monocular night vision device (MNVD) in the world. Currently issued to militaries across the globe, the PVS-14 is tried and true. Due to its simple and compact nature the PVS-14 is one of the most durable and versatile monocular night vision devices on the market. The PVS-14 can be helmet mounted, bridged with an additional PVS-14 or thermal device, or adapted to the front of a DSLR camera lens. Small enough to stash in a pocket or stored in a pouch on your kit. All of our PVS-14’s feature autogated image intensifiers with manual gain control. Manual gain provides the user with the ability to increase or decrease gain to their specifications. This can be seen as an increase or decrease in image brightness as desired, or a reduction in image noise as needed. Whether you’re a seasoned night vision user or a first time owner, the PVS-14 is a true staple in the world of night vision and all who are able should own one.

We build our devices using our suite of in house state-of-the-art equipment, including the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A Test Set and HVS Vision System. The same equipment tube manufacturers such as Elbit Systems of America and L3Harris Technologies use. This allows us to remove any subjectivity in assembly and maintain the absolute highest degree of precision possible. What this equates to is a device built to an exceeding degree of quality and to exacting standards.

We offer our PVS-14’s in a variety of tube types:


  • Industry leading auto-gating technology yields superior resolution across light levels.
  • These tend to be more resilient to light exposure as a result of their superior auto-gating.
  • 1800+ FOM minimum

    Elbit Gen 3

    • XLSH & SLH (commercial grade) FOM minimum 1344+ & 1536+. These are just designation minimums. FOM is typically 1800-2400+ for our commercial white phosphor option. Sometimes even much higher than this too.
    • We hold our white phosphor commercial tubes to well above minimum standards in both specifications and cosmetics. Typically with an 1800+ FOM minimum, often exceeding 2000+. Commercial tubes have the loosest tolerance for dark spots in comparison to Mil-Spec or Aviator tube types. We do our best to hold these to Mil-Spec spot specification minimum with many exceeding Aviator spot specification. 

      L3  Gen 3 Unfilmed 

      • 18UM 1540 minimum FOM (2300+ Common)
      • We hold both to aviator spot specification, meaning as few as possible to no dark spots.
      • We sort and batch our tubes to ensure all have as clean screen cosmetics and high specifications as possible. Each exceeding the minimum standards for its type.
      • L3 Unfilmed High FOM option. These tubes are hand selected from our available Mil-Spec and Aviator tubes to achieve the highest specification possible with as clean screen cosmetics as possible (2400-2800+ Common).


      DIMENSIONS 4.5″(L) x 2.0″(W) x 2.25″(H)
      WEIGHT 12.4oz.
      FINISH Corrosion Resistant- Matte Black
      POWER One (1) Standard AA Battery
      BATTERY LIFE Approx. 50 Hours at Room Temp.

      60′ for 2 Hours