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Ready to ship DTNVS 20UA Unfilmed White Phosphor

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  • $11,000.00

These devices are ready to ship with no lead time! Built using 20UA Unfilmed White Phosphor intensifiers with no dark spots marked on the data sheets! 2000 series tubes are a 1792 minimum FOM tube type held to Aviator spot specification. Meaning these have a very strict spot spec tolerance for dark spot allowance. These tubes greatly surpass their minimums and exhibit great cosmetics with no dark spots marked on the data sheets. Dark spots are spots larger than .003”. Under this size is referred to as peppering and common to all tubes of all types.

Please note: Any color differences in the photos are a result of the camera auto correction. Tubes are the same hue and color. 

Devices feature a 5 year warranty. 
Includes: device, data sheets, lens wipes, sacrificial windows, ocular lens covers. Does not include IPD Kit.


These units have fantastic signal to noise ratios. Don’t judge by FOM alone. FOM is a metric comprised of signal to noise ratio multiplied by center resolution. The vastly more important aspect of FOM is the SNR. A resolution of 64, 72, 81, etc won’t make a discernible or tangible impact on performance for a headborne system. For reference PVS-31A have a 33 SNR minimum.


UNIT: 0371B

Halo: 0.7 / 0.7

Res: 64 / 64

EBI: 0.2 / 0.3

SNR: 33.8 / 33.2

FOM: 2163 / 2125

No spots marked on data sheets / none larger than .003. Small pepper is present in both tubes, refer to tube photos.