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Black Friday/Cyber Monday UANVB Katana Photonis Echo White Phosphor

  • $6,345.00
  • $6,649.00

We are only offering a handful of these in order to keep overall lead times down among all Black Friday devices. Please allow approximately 6-8+ weeks for build/lead time for Photonis Echo. These are built in house and properly assessed through quality control prior to heading to their owners.

There will be no hand select option on these. Due to the demand, we simply cannot facilitate hand selecting each unit, without creating a significant backlog. Photonis Echo are a 1800 FOM minimum tube. Typically hovering in the 2000+ range. Specs of individual units and tubes will vary. These are a fantastic budget minded option yielding great performance. Dark spots are allowed for all tube types. As is such, each type has a specified allowance for size and zone. Echo tubes tend to be cleaner than other low cost tube options, such as Elbit XLSH. That being said, dark spots may be present but typically are rather small. We make an effort to utilize tubes that have above minimum cosmetic tolerance and are cleaner in nature. 

Non-LEMO housing

Includes: Device, Data Sheets, Lens Covers, Lens Wipes, Case, Retention Rings, and Swag.