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PVS-14 Elbit VH White Phosphor

  • $3,599.00
  • $4,199.00
- $600.00

We have a limited number of tubes allocated to these builds and as a result there are only so many systems available for purchase.

We’re running a special on Gen 3 White Phosphor Elbit VH Aviation Grade PVS-14’s. Units will be built to order and subject to a short estimated 1-3+/- week build time. Tubes are selected to be as clean and high spec as possible. We hold these to higher cosmetic tolerance to provide as clean output screen quality as possible. VH are an Aviator tube type from Elbit Systems of America, one of their highest tiers of tube offered!

Includes: device, data sheet, soft case, lens covers, lens wipes.

The PVS-14 is a multi-purpose night vision monocular in service with militaries and government agencies worldwide. Featuring the most advanced U.S. made Generation 3 image intensifier tubes, the PVS-14 features variable gain control and bright light automatic shut off.

We build our devices using our suite of in house state of the art equipment, including the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A Test Set and HVS Vision System. The same equipment tube manufacturers such as Elbit Systems of America and L3Harris Technologies use. This allows us to remove any subjectivity in assembly and maintain the absolute highest degree of precision possible. What this equates to is a device built to an exceeding degree of quality with exacting standards.