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Ready to ship PVS-14 Elbit Green Phosphor

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  • $2,999.00

Brand new devices with 10 year warranty. These are built and ready to ship. Data sheet included.

These are built with autogated commercial grade Gen 3 Elbit Green Phosphor intensifier tubes exceeding aviator spot spec requirement. These are remarkably clean tubes. There are no dark spots larger than .003 in any of these units in any zone. Color and hue of all of these devices are the same. Any color differences in photos are a result of camera auto settings.

Includes: Device, Data Sheet, Lens Covers, Lens Wipes, Swag.

The specifications on these would make for a great pairing with a Panobridge!

Click Here for Panobridge


UNIT: 9669

Halo: 1.24

EBI: 0.13

Res: 64

SNR: 22.3


UNIT: 9769

Halo: 1.21

EBI: 0.61

Res: 64

SNR: 22.3


UNIT: 9869

Halo: 1.23

EBI: 0.46

Res: 64

SNR: 22.5


UNIT: 9969

Halo: 1.22

EBI: 0.21

Res: 64

SNR: 22.4