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Ready to ship Elbit White Phosphor DTNVS

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  • $8,999.00

This devices are built and ready to ship with no lead time. Photos through the tubes are taken with a camera while on the Hoffmann 126A. *Please note: perceived color difference in the photos, focus, etc are from auto exposure. Tubes are identical in color in actuality.

These tubes greatly exceed their minimums with very strong signal to noise ratios, all while having fantastic screen cosmetics with no dark spots. Dark spots are spots larger than .003, under this size is referred to as pepper and exists in some way in all tubes.

Includes: Device, data sheets, ocular lens covers, objective lens covers, lens wipes, soft case. *IPD kit not included.


HALO: 0.60 / 0.97

SNR: 33.3 / 29.2

RES: 64 / 72

EBI: 1.75 / 1.18

FOM: 2131.2 / 2102.4



HALO: 0.86 / 0.80

SNR: 32.8 / 32

RES: 64 / 64

EBI: 2.1 / 2.27

FOM: 2099.2 / 2048

If you’re wondering what some of these data metrics mean please reach out. We also have some helpful articles here that touch on various topics such as ebi and the misconceptions about it.

These tubes are above minimum aviator cosmetics. Extremely clean tubes, especially for a commercial tube offering.