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RNVG Photonis ECHO Special

  • $5,899.00
  • $6,799.00
- $900.00

These devices will be built to order with a short build time of 1-2 weeks. We have a limited number of tubes allocated to these builds and as a result there are only so many systems available for purchase at this sale price. (Only 5 Remaining as of now).

Photonis ECHO tubes are an 1800+ minimum FOM tube type. These tubes exhibit excellent contrast in all light levels as a result of their superior MTF curve. Their ultra fast autogating allows them to preserve resolution in high and bright light environments, never dipping below 57 lp/mm where ESA or L3H tubes may dip down to 36-45 lp/mm. These are a great value in a cost to performance ratio.

The RNVG is regarded as the most rugged housing on the market; as is reflected in its name, Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle. The housing is made of machined 7075 aluminum which greatly increases its strength over nearly all other housings on the market. Despite its 7075 aluminum construction the RNVG remains fairly lightweight. The RNVG is a fixed bridge system. This means the optical pods do not articulate, but rather adjust transversely on the bridge. The lack of articulation aids in the RNVG’s ruggedness as with fewer moving parts comes less points of failure. If you prioritize absolute durability and ruggedness above all else, the RNVG is likely the choice for you. 

We build our devices using our suite of in house state-of-the-art equipment, including the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A Test Set and HVS Vision System. The same equipment tube manufacturers such as Elbit Systems of America and L3Harris Technologies use. This allows us to remove any subjectivity in assembly and maintain the absolute highest degree of precision possible. What this equates to is a device built to an exceedin