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  • $8,199.00
  • $8,499.00
- $300.00

The RPNVG (ruggedized panoramic night vision goggle) is a versatile and rugged system that runs off of a single CR123A battery. The housing also features a native auxiliary LEMO port for remote battery pack use. The Ground Optimized Battery Pack from AB Night Vision is our preferred battery pack for the RPNVG. The RPNVG can also use legacy ANVIS packs. Much like the RNVG, the RPNVG also features inter-pupillary adjustment for precise adjustment to the user’s eye spacing. However, the method of adjustment is different for the RPNVG using a sprung button to lock into each finite adjustment point. There are integrated tether points for lanyard attachment on both left and right sides. The pan feature is user selectable in utilizing the RPNVG in either conventional 40° FOV mode or pan mode for ~65° FOV. Both optical pods can be individually removed without the use of tools. Modular power packs will be available for left and right pods to run them in monocular configuration. The RPNVG is a uniquely versatile night vision goggle system that checks many boxes. If you don’t need articulation than there’s a good chance the RPNVG is for you.


We build our devices using our suite of in house state-of-the-art equipment, including the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A Test Set and HVS Vision System. The same equipment tube manufacturers such as Elbit Systems of America and L3Harris Technologies use. This allows us to remove any subjectivity in assembly and maintain the absolute highest degree of precision possible. What this equates to is a device built to an exceeding degree of quality and to exacting standards.

 Tube options

Elbit Gen 3 Thin-Filmed

  • XLSH & SLH (commercial grade) FOM minimum 1344 & 1536. These are just designation minimums. The specifications are often 1800-2400+ for our commercial white phosphor option. Sometimes even much higher than this too.
  • VH high specification aviation grade, very clean, held to higher minimum specification standard

      L3  Gen 3 Unfilmed 

      • 18UM 1540 min FOM (2000+ Common)
      • 22UM/UA 1920 min FOM (2376+ Common)
      • We hold both to aviator spot specification, meaning as few as possible to no dark spots
      • We sort and batch our tubes to ensure all have as clean screen cosmetics and high specifications as possible. Each exceeding the minimum standards for its type.
      • L3 Unfilmed High FOM option. These tubes are hand selected from our Mil-Spec and Aviator tubes to achieve the highest specification possible with as clean screen cosmetics as possible (2400-2800+ Common).