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Wilcox BOSS Xe

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The Wilcox BOSS Xe is the next generation in the BOSS line of products. The BOSS Xe is a high power laser device that features a fully integrated, environmentally stable optical bench that houses a reflex sight, red or green visible laser, NIR laser, fixed NIR illuminator, and iron sight all co-aligned to one another. The fixed NIR illuminator, combined with the newly added NIR room illuminator, features best in class overall effective tactical solution in any low light situation.


Includes Ergocto Xe Activation Keypad, with single 12" cable. (The button configuration out of the box is; Middle Button mirrors rotary switch, Rear button (closest to cable) is Dual IR Low, and the Front button is Room Illuminator.)

One optical bench houses either red or green VIS laser, NIR laser, NIR room/fixed Illuminators, reflex sight, and iron sight.

NIR illuminator projects precise beam clarity for optimal identification.

Optical bench is aligned using one windage and one elevation adjustment.

Multi-function buttons provide flexibility in programing custom options.

Selectable or auto adjustable laser/illuminator/reflex sight brightness settings.

Mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail secured by 2 shock nuts.

Reflex sight features built-in back up iron sight.


Battery One (1) CR123 Battery
Battery Life Varied by setting or function use (8+ hours when all functions active simultaneously)
Immersion 1 Meter for 1 Hour
Boresight Retention <.5 mrad
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Red Visible Laser/640nm/15mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Green Visible Laser/520nm/15mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Laser/850nm/30mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Illuminator/840nm/30mW

* Nominal Output Power is subject to +/-10% tolerance. For Laser Safety use Nominal Output Power + 20%.